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Legal informations

This is an informational translation only.
In case of any doubt, the Hungarian version applies.

Payment by CreditCard

The following services can be paid by CreditCard:

Steps of Online payment:

  1. While accepting our quotation, you request CC payment method.
  2. Your contact person will send you a payment reference no.
  3. At our websites electronic payment page, fill in the reference number. You can double-check the services to be payed, and the exact amount.
  4. If the details are correct, you can start the payment by clicking the "Pay now by CreditCard" text. Your card will be charged in the displayed currency (HUF or EUR).
  5. You're redirected to the website of K&H Bank, where you can pay securely via your credit card. You have to supply your card number, expiration date, and CVC to the bank. K&H Bank accepts VISA, VISA Electron, V-Pay, MasterCard, Maestro and JCB cards. In case the card is for electronic use only, the cardholders bank has to explicitly allow the transaction. You may have to fulfill a MasterCard 3D secure, or Verified by Visa test.
  6. K&H Bank issues an authorization number. You can write that down, or print the page. In case of a failed transaction, K&H Bank displays the appropriate error message.
  7. You're redirected back to the online payment system of Heszo Ltd, which saves the transaction status, automatically notifies the contact person, and sends the verification codes to you via e-mail.

During the payment process, Heszo Ltd does not store or receive any credit card information.

In case of any problems, you can contact us via the e-mail address accounting@heszo.hu as well.

Delivery conditions

Any delivery is consulted with each client individually beforehand.


Your personal data is handled according to the Hungarian and European regulations, especially to the Hungarian 2011. years CXII. law

Your data is not provided to any 3-rd party, unless it's necessary to provide the ordered services.

Right of withdrawal

Natural persons can use the right of withdrawal, according to Hungarian law. Contact accounting@heszo.hu within 14 days from your order or delivery.