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Exhibition building services

Our company has more than 15 years’ experience in serving the special needs of exhibition building. The primary goal is to provide our partners with the most flexible and agile workflow on the market, even where it’s expected the least.

The key elements of stand building is being held by our professional specialists, to maintain the best quality possible at all times. We can handle CNC milling as well as providing audio-visual, electro-technical services and furniture rental provisioning. We operate our own logistics warehouse and several self-loading vehicles.

Apart from conducting the entire organizing process on our own, our partnerships facilitate to even serve your very special needs at all times.


Best known for our exhibition goods forwarding service, which is completely adapted to exhibitors and stand-builders needs. Our vehicles are equipped with heavy-duty tail lift. We handle loading, unloading and empty storage with no need for local rent of forklifts.

Our fleet includes vehicles with 1.5t, 3.5t, 7 t, and 22t carrying capacity. Transport insurance and international cargo tracking are always provided.

Being logistics expert in the Russia-European Union route, our expertise include customs handling for permanent or temporary exportation, specialised in exhibition installation and one-off goods. Our unique exhibition goods transportation service includes costumes clearance, on-, offload and empty storage for all Russian exhibition centers.

Particular jobs:

Request a quote on any part of the services above, or whole solutions.

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Manufacturing services

Our workshop is equipped to serve the special needs of the exhibiton industry. We offer CNC miling of wooden, metal, plexi glass materials up to 155x260 cm plate size. Angled milling and continuous cooling are also available.

The assembly and the finishing of the CNC milled parts can also be included for your desire. Gray, roll painted, spray painted, color or printed foil finishes are available.

Top orderered products are:

Our machines are working under continous human control, with live callibration and feedback capabilities, well suited for single pieces and one-off orders.

Get a quote based on vector files, or based on design plans and sizes.

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Event technology

With our in-house electronics lab and technology team, we’re ready to provide unique event technology solutions. Our services include off-the-self solutions as well as custom-designed effects. We undertake professional planning and adapted execution of individual and interactive video, lighting, sound and informatic systems.

Bring your business closer to your visitors, with live information and gamification. We offer custom-designed entertaining devices, and interconnection to a wide range of services. Display your company’s live data, or use infotainment to let your visitors interact, or trigger visual effects on your stand.

Professional-grade network and WiFi services for up to hundread of clients are available on request. Ready-to-use setups can be ordered with workstations, printers, or other office equipment. We also offer customisation, such as captive-portal, and VPN solutions.

Besides the rental service, our solutions are also purchasable for permanent exhibitions, with optional support contracts. Request a quote for your concepts, or get recommendations for your stand.

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